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Rediscovering America: How the National Holidays Tell an Amazing Story about Who We Are

The only book ever written in the history genre that succinctly tells the progressive and redemptive course of America as revealed in the stories behind the American holidays.

Ever wonder why everyone wants to immigrate to America? Rediscovering America answers that question, and it’s like no other history you have ever read. More than an account of people, dates, and events, this story is about the hidden hand of a purposeful historical development where the main actors are colorful characters, participating in an American drama of little known but remarkable events where overcoming incredible odds of failure is more unbelievable and engaging than fiction.

And while each chapter is a stand-alone tale—some quite wild—about what is behind each of the American holidays, the page- and chapter-turning appeal of Rediscovering America is in the narratives that link the holiday stories together, revealing an account of progress and redemption in America covering over four hundred years—never before told in a concise and readable book.

  • Patriotic_Lass says:

    All are for a major American Event, in-general, or Holiday (New Year, Thanksgiving and Christmas). Columbus was an individual, but found America (supposedly) pretty big deal. We even made Washington/Lincoln birthdays to Presidents’ Day, fair enough.They have done away with Good Friday/Easter official-type holidays. God forbid we celebrate God or Jesus too much! Instead the DEMS pandered to black people for MLK & Juneteenth. For decades DEMS have wanted to rewrite our history for power and money! Up next, a brown holiday will emerge from the pandering DEMS!

  • will says:

    America is so filled with left wing propaganda about how bad we are, it is time for books like this to be weaponized against the left. Put it in every library in America. Offer it as a free e book to all,make required reading for all students. Make it a feature full length movie. Create a play for Broadway to counter the trash play Hamilton. do whatever it takes to get it out to all Americans. If the GOP and the Right would spend a tenth of their money promoting messages like this, perhaps a lot of the Political corruption of buying elections would be reduced.

    • watchman48 says:

      It is not that we are so bad, but then, we all are sinners, all have lied at one time or another, but it is the evils of this government and those controlling it…
      We need to understand, the Bible clearly reveals that the god/prince of this world for now is Satan… He stole the dominion of this world with a lie in the Garden of Eden approx. 6000 years ago.
      All governments of this Earth are formed and ran by sinful man; thus, all governments are due to fail, many sooner than others.
      The United States is the only nation on Earth other than Israel that has made a covenant with God. On April 30, 1789, the members of the United States federal government met together for the first time in St. Paul’s Cathedral in New York City to dedicate to God the newly formed nation under the just-ratified U.S. Constitution. The new House of Representatives and Senate, along with the Supreme Court, declared in unison that this nation would be governed by God and the people would worship Him, and seek His wisdom in the affairs of the state and in their own lives. It even appears that this covenant with God was made even before having chosen George Washington president later that same day.
      As it appears to me, the United States broke this covenant with God almost immediately just because of the fact that some of these men held slaves as their personal property; however, this was of no shock, for God has always known that given time, sinful man is incapable of keeping any covenant promises whatsoever.

      God gave us the greatest of all presidents in the past 70 years or more after the disastrous eight years with obama, and what did this government do during the four years with Pres. Trump, but became even more grotesque than ever before, lying, cheating, steal, and even killing to get what they wanted, the presidency.
      God has been sending His warnings of the destruction of the U.S. since the mid-1980s, God has never allowed the destruction of a nation nor of its people before first sending His warnings, hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him to be saved.
      Jan. 22, 1997, after my prayers that night, the Holy Spirit of God whispered in my left ear saying, “I will repay the United States double for her iniquities!” I had prayed about having heard on the radio that morning that since the Supreme Court’s approval of the Roe vs Wade Bill there had been approx. 26 million abortions in the United States..
      No president nor all the United States Armed Forces can save that which has been given over for destruction.

  • Gods Messenger says:

    A Book of all that is Good hmm like the Bible Was yes its been Rewritten and little parts of it have been removed. One day a Long time ago had a Hand Reading was told them have an Old Soul one that has been since so there you have it why I speak as I do

  • syble L. Christensen says:

    Because America Was the greatis place on Earth till Biden And Harris got in to Office now it is sliding down to bad

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