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Ashli Babbitt’s Mother Shows Up to Crash Pelosi’s Jan. 6 ‘Remembrance’ Party

Well, Nancy Pelosi treated the nation’s capital to a political drama spectacular on Thursday to memorialize the 2021 Capitol incursion, featuring everything from a somber candlelight vigil to a performance from the cast of the Broadway hit, “Hamilton.”

The Democratic House speaker, of course, did not seem interested in memorializing the lives lost as a result of the events on Capitol Hill last year as much as making sure that everyone in America remembered what happened that day, the better to shape the narrative with.

Yet someone who cares significantly more about those who died did show up to honor the dead, too — and Pelosi can’t have been all too happy to see who it was.

We’re talking about Ashli Babbit’s mother, one of the survivors of the only person we can say was intentionally killed on Capitol Hill that day — and she is not happy with Nancy Pelosi.

Newsweek reported that Micki Witthoeft went to the Capitol on Thursday to remember her daughter, who was shot by a member of Capitol Hill police when Babbit and a group of protesters broke a window in a corridor near the House chambers and Babbit was climbing through it.

She was unarmed and there is no indication she was being violent, but she has largely been denounced as a terrorist by the left while the officer who shot her was praised as a hero who, in his own words, “saved countless lives” by shooting Babbit.

Witthoeft, along with former President Trump and some of his most prominent allies in Congress, maintains her daughter was wrongfully slain.

On Thursday, she passed out flyers calling for “Justice for Jan 6th” which featured photographs of Babbit as well as Roseanne Boyland and Kevin Greeson, who also died in the chaos that day. Boyland was trampled, and Greeson had a heart attack.

Witthoeft has previously accused Pelosi, a congresswoman to Babbit’s home state, of being responsible for her daughter’s death.

“My daughter was a California constituent, and Nancy Pelosi not only, I feel like, orchestrated the death of my daughter,” she said this summer.

“The Capitol Police should be held accountable like every other police department in the country,” she also said.

It would have been, of course, entirely fitting for Babbit to be memorialized on Jan. 6 rather than held in infamy by the politically charged left.

After all, Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, initially said to have been beaten to death with a fire extinguisher in the tumult that day, actually died of a stroke after returning to the station as his bereaved mother was forced to clarify to the media last year.

The other officers that Pelosi gratuitously memorialized on Thursday simply weren’t killed on Jan. 6.

Yet leftists continue to insist that the event was a horrific and deadly insurrection.

Pelosi tried to have a mock memorial not to honor those lives lost on that awful day, but to resurrect the propaganda that the incident, which cost Babbit her life, afforded the Democrats.

Leftists have been milking every ounce of insanely divisive, partisan propaganda out of the Jan. 6 incursion, as they have so many events that the majority of Americans would likely largely agree upon were they to be addressed sensibly and with appropriate acknowledgment of the moral nuances involved.

  • Dorothy says:

    Good for Ashli Babbits mom. I do not blame her. Like Maxine Waters said, “Get in their faces” They are a bunch of anti-American criminals. That is all they are. They are responsible for so many deaths in our country, yet I do not understand why no one goes after them. They are responsible for so many Police Deaths. Mobs went around for over a year in only Democratic cities and states and no one is holding these criminals responsible. Why is that?How in the World do they get away with these lies and made up stores. The Jan. 6th was not an insurrection, what they let happen was an Insurrection. Small businesses were wiped out by these monsters. Their big mouths, “Defund the Police” The stupid idiots are running our country right now and getting worse as we go along. When is there going to be a Civil War. You can not depend on honest voting. How dare they want to pass laws where Illegals are allowed to vote. What a disgrace to our country. Throw them all out. They were put in office to bring our country down and they have. We are now in throes of Marxism. We have a traitor in the White House and someone is pushing him to do damage. We also have cacklin rose, Harris who is a genuine racist. It is great when criminals are running our country. God help us.

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