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Biden Says ‘There’s no Federal Solution’ to Covid After Vowing to ‘Shut Down the Virus’ Last Year

Joe Biden was swept into office on the promise that he would “shut down the virus.”

But after issuing a number of unlawful federal vaccine mandates (that he promised he would never issue), he is backtracking with a new declaration: There is no “federal solution” to Covid.


“Look, there is no federal solution,” he said on a call to state governors. “This gets solved at state level … and that ultimately gets down to where the rubber meets the road, and that’s where the patient is in need of help — or preventing the need for help,” Biden said in the beginning of his remarks.

He added, “My message to the governors is simple: if you need something, say something. We’re going to have your back in any way we can.”

It was Biden’s first time joining the weekly call convened between his Covid team and state leaders, CNN notes. It comes a week after he laid out a plan to ramp up testing and vaccinations.

“The new steps, which included ordering 500 million at-home rapid tests that Americans can obtain for free, came too late to avoid disruptions to winter holiday plans,” CNN reported. “Thousands of flights were canceled as airline staff tested positive. Many Americans downsized their plans amid the viral spread. Biden’s new tests, and the website where Americans can order them, won’t be in place until next month, the White House has said.”

Biden admitting that there is no federal solution to the Covid pandemic is a step in the right direction. Free states like Florida and Texas have experienced superior economic and social outcomes to those of lockdown and mask-obsessed states like New York and New Jersey.

New York City, for example, is seeing a massive surge in “cases” despite lockdowns, mask mandates for even the vaccinated, and ‘vaccine passports.’

Meanwhile, in Florida, cases are surging also, but the death rates are still way down from September.

As the “general mild” Omicron variant, which has been compared to the Common Cold, continues to spread, so will Natural Immunity from prior infections. The vaccination rates for the elderly, who are most at risk from the virus, is already between 90% and 95% in most states. There is “no federal solution” to Covid, but Nature and the American people are solving the issue themselves.

  • ThalheimerJoanna says:

    Is the President going to apologize to Gov. DeSantis for all he put him through. It appears Gov. DeSantis knows federal law better than the President.

    • LINDA HALL says:

      Governor DeSantis is my governor and evil demented Biden owes Governor DeSantis a huge apology but I know it will never happen!

  • JD says:

    Breaking a campaign promise…that’s not new, both parties have been doing it for years. That’s how you can differentiate a lifetime political hack from a sincere elected official. One who strives to be on the federal dole for life as an elected official needs to go no further than to have watched President Trump who made and kept promises. That’s how Brandon was elected-broken promises and the multiple and dead votes.
    But wait, now I hear he won’t get even the dead vote if he runs in ‘24

  • LINDA HALL says:

    Demented Joe has broken every campaign promise. PRESIDENT Trump fulfilled EVERY CAMPAIGM PROMISE!

  • The Truth says:

    Now if he’ll just do the same thing with the border! Get out! Stay out! Let adults handle the problems! “Let’s Go, Brandon!!!”

  • Mollie says:

    Bidet gave up on COVID just like he gave up on finding a way to bring American’s and allies home from Afghanistan. Your POTUS, are a debacle as president. Too bad you cheated to get to be POTUS and too bad your too senile to do the job. You need to quit.

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