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CDC Admits Natural Immunity Outperformed Vaccines Against Delta Strain

Natural immunity from prior infection granted stronger levels of protection against the Delta variant of COVID-19 than vaccination alone, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in a study released Wednesday.

Before Delta became dominant, individuals who had natural immunity were experiencing higher case rates than individuals who were only vaccinated, the study found, but after Delta took hold, those with natural immunity caught COVID-19 less frequently than those who were only vaccinated.

The study examined four categories of people — unvaccinated and vaccinated who survived a previous COVID-19 infection, and unvaccinated and vaccinated who had never been infected — in California and New York between May and November 2021. The highest case rates were among those who had neither been vaccinated or previously infected. The most protection against infection and hospitalization was in those who had both been vaccinated and survived an earlier bout with the virus.

The agency cautioned that the data in question only measured results against the Delta variant and that Omicron may present new challenges that alter the calculus of natural immunity versus vaccination.

Biden administration officials and some public health experts have repeatedly downplayed the effectiveness of natural immunity against COVID-19, but this study is only the latest to indicate that recovery from prior infection can at least rival, if not surpass, that offered from vaccination alone. Most research has shown that for maximum protection against reinfection or severe illness, those who were previously infected should still get vaccinated.

Many legacy media outlets covered the study by minimizing the finding that natural immunity outperformed vaccines and emphasizing that a combination of both provided the best protection. Headlines from the New York Times, Associated Press, CNN and others claimed that vaccination offers the “best” or “safest” protection according to the study.

In a press call Wednesday, the CDC’s Dr. Benjamin Silk, an epidemiologist that co-authored the study, did not elaborate on the increased protection natural immunity provides and repeated the administration line that every American should get vaccinated.

  • Phil Barberg says:

    They do not take into consideration of the other COVID treatments such as Ivermectin. Only following the Big Pharma controlled FDA guidelines to Vax everything! No mention of India, Mexico and Japan using Ivermectin successfully. Twelve days after Japan started giving Ivermectin in December they had a DRASTIC drop in virus infections.
    Why does Big Pharma not disclose the death rates related to their vaccines such as the children who have been killed after getting vaxed? Vaxed people have a higher rate of infection than non-vaxed vs. Non-vaxed who have natural immensities. Don’t want a vaccine that has NOT been fully tested (only given as an emergency authorization by the FDA). I’ll; stick to my Ivermectin treatment.

  • Susan says:

    People do not realize what is in those jabs, many poisonous ingredients like Graphene which has no place in any living beings’ body, animal or human! When they turn on the 5G many vaccinated will be fried by the microwave effects of the 5G caused by the graphene that is now in their bodies! The Government will be able to kill you right where you stand! Many will be driven to insanity resulting from their sicknesses and suffering!
    Also those vaccinated will not only harbor COVID and all its variants but they will be shedding it unto the unvaccinated! This is horrific!

  • Karen says:

    We have been saying this all along that people who have had Covid, have better immunity than those who are vaccinated. People who get the shot after having Covid usually get many side effects. So I will stay unvaccinated.

  • PattiEAZ says:

    Ha! Walensky is wearing one of those black “fake” masks (that you can actually Breathe Through) over a white one. These people think we are stupid, right??

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