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Democrat County Supervisor Indicted on 82 Counts of Voter Fraud Related to Ballot Harvesting

Democrat County Supervisor, Trey Adkins, was indicted on 82 counts of voter fraud related to ballot harvesting. reported:

A county supervisor in Virginia has been accused of dozens of counts of voter fraud in a case in which prosecutors allege he showed up at the homes of voters, with absentee ballot applications and ballots, to ensure he would have their vote.

According to WJHL a grand jury indicted Knox District Supervisor for Buchanan County Trey Adkins on 82 felony charges.

Those charges include 34 counts of false statement – election fraud, 11 counts of absentee voting procedure violations, 11 counts of forgery of a public record, 3 counts of conspiracy to make a false statement – election fraud, and more.

WND reported that Sherry Lynn Bailey was also indicted, who is Adkins’ aunt, and allegedly took part in the scheme too. Bailey is facing multiple counts of false statement – election fraud, conspiracy and forgery of a public record.

Adkins was under investigation by Virginia State Police for over two years. Authorities said they would have little further to release before a trial.

Ballot harvesting is the election technique discussed in the recent blockbuster by Dinesh D’Souza “2000 Mules”.

Western Journal reported on Adkins’ embezzlement charges.

Adkins first won election to the five-member Buchanan County Board of Supervisors in 2011, according to the Virginia Department of Elections.

The counts of embezzlement stem from allegations that Adkins supplied county-owned gravel to private individuals through his personal construction company.

  • Robin says:

    Hang all these mother-F’r’s! Why aren’t the law enforcement agencies looking into this shit?

  • Herman Vogel says:

    Democrat..Election Fraud. My how those two terms go together. I’m 76 and I have heard of the SAME all my life. It’s seems to be the ONLY way they can win,,and sadly, by THEM winning. WE ALL LOSE.

  • Terry says:

    This is small potatoes compared to what’s been going on nationally. Rhinos and Demoncrats must be weeded out and sentenced sentenced sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. The very people condemning Jan 6 protesters for treason and sedition are the ones who are actually guilty. Don’t get me wrong I’m very glad they caught this scumbag I just want justice for all of the souls being held in DC over B.S. charges.

  • Terry says:

    We are in a serious crisis people. Energy is out of control, shortages of goods, now food (especially baby formula), ultra high inflation, war, a bogus fake president who is senile and evil, voter fraud like we never dreamed possible, left wing groups being paid to protest and riot in our streets, a corrupt FBI and Justice Dept., police being used like nazi ss to enforce draconian state government lockdowns, congress full of evil corrupt left wingers and their rhino infiltrators. What is it going to take for people to stand up and say NO MORE BULLSPIT!


    FRAUD……..What? Where? …..close and lock all of the CEMETERY GATES ON ELECTION DAY!

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