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Four Young Soccer Players from Four Different Countries Die This Week After Suffering Sudden Heart Attacks

Four young international soccer stars died this week after suffering a sudden heart attack.

Croatian footballer Marin Cacic, Oman international player Mukhaled Al-Raqadi, Egyptian goalkeeper Ahmed Amin, and Algerian football player Sofiane Loukar all died this week, the COVID world reported.

On December 22, Oman international player Mukhaled Al-Raqadi, aged 29, tragically died after collapsing during a warm-up ahead of a domestic match with Al-Suwaiq.

Al-Raqadi was rushed to the nearest hospital by ambulance. The reason for his death was a heart attack, Oman observer reported.

On the same day, Egypt’s third division’s Al-Rebat & Al-Anwar SC goalkeeper, Ahmed Amin passed away after suffering a sudden heart attack.

Ahmed Amin suffered cardiac arrest and lost consciousness in the locker room after his training with his team. The club’s medical team tried to revive him unsuccessfully and promptly rushed him to the hospital. He was pronounced dead on arrival and the cause of death was cardiac arrest.

Marin Cacic, a 23-year-old Croatian defender, died in hospital just days after collapsing during a training session. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with heart failure. He was then put in a comatose state. Sadly on December 23rd, he was pronounced dead.

The most recent death is an Algerian footballer, Sofiane Loukar, who suffered a heart attack and died after colliding with his goalkeeper in a second division match in Oran on Saturday, Reuters reported.

More from Reuters:

The APS agency said 28-year-old Loukar, from Mouloudia Saida, was hurt after running into his goalkeeper mid-way through the first half of their Ligue 2 clash at ASM Oran.

He resumed playing after treatment but then collapsed some 10 minutes later, the agency reported.

Loukar was rushed to hospital but died of a heart attack on his way, APS said. When news of his death was broken to the two teams, they abandoned the match.

Here’s a tragic video where the medical staff tried to resuscitate Loukar:

Here’s another heartbreaking scene where his teammates were seen crying upon hearing the news that Loukar had died.


  • Chuckster says:

    They need to take myocardial tissue samples from all these players (I’m assuming that they’ve all had at least one of these “vaccines”) and do a comparative analysis of the inflammatory components in each. I’ll bet better than even money that they find more than just undiagnosed congenital defects.

  • Barb says:

    Four athletes, a demo “journalist”, a 3 year old child. How much more proof does anyone need as to what’s going on? The injection is doing what it was manufactured to do. A mandate is not a law & the ones issuing mandates cannot issue law. DO NOT COMPLY.

  • Kathy K Cash says:

    Considering most of these leagues don’t allow them to play until they’ve gotten their COVID vaccines/boosters, I’d sure like to know when/if they did.

  • Paul Otts says:

    Young people, especially athletes are dying at much greater rate than prior to Covid….not from the virus but by every likelihood the forced vaccine!

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