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Latest Tucker Carlson Ukraine Segment Sent Liberal Media and Political Elites Into Meltdown

Author and political commentator Michael Brendan Dougherty writes, “Defining Ukraine’s sovereignty and integrity as a core security interest of the United States, akin to possession of Massachusetts, is a form of insanity.”

As a case in point, Clint Ehrlich has spent a significant amount of time in Russia and the broader region as a geopolitical researcher, making him somewhat a serious expert on the crisis. But his appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight is now causing a collective meltdown among establishment pundits not seen since the height of the Russiagate hysteria in recent years.

Days ago Ehrlich wrote that “The world is perched on the edge of an abyss. We may soon see the worst combat in Europe since WW2 – killing thousands of people, and raising the likelihood of nuclear war. It didn’t have to be this way.” And on Wednesday he had this to say: “My segment last night on Tucker Carlson is having a bigger impact than I ever imagined. It’s causing pro-war pundits and politicians to lose their minds! Let’s catalog their meltdowns…

Clint Ehrlich chronicles the avalanche of ‘hate mail’ he’s received in less than 24 hours since his above segment with Fox’s Tucker Carlson…

First, the man, the myth, the moron, Bill Kristol:

ESPN anchor turned paranoid xenophobe, Keith Olbermann, says we’re traitors

Four bad takes doesn’t make one good one, David French.

Rick Wilson writes… this. He thinks “comrade” jokes are clever burns in 2022.

Obama’s favorite speechwriter says we’re on the side of an “entho-nationalist authoritarian.”

The first part of that claim shows he has zero idea about Russian domestic politics, btw. Clownworld insult.

This famous #RussiaGate believer thinks the segment makes Fox News a “hostile foreign propaganda outlet.”

The founder of the DailyKos now cheers on war with Russia from the Left!

A sitting Congressman calls Tucker and I “right-wing agitators spewing Russian propaganda.”

CNN’s chief White House correspondent says the segment was orchestrated by Russian intelligence

Congressman who was seduced by a Chinese spy, now vocal about dangers of foreign influence!

Will anyone have the courage to call you out for being a twit, Joe Walsh?

This #resistance “fact checker” somehow ties my segment to …. January 6? How? Why?

Not relevant, since these aren’t serious claims, just casual insults.

This lawyer with a big following wants Tucker to be prosecuted as an unregistered foreign agent!

Academic specializing in propaganda… hallucinates seeing propaganda. Shocking.

Film critic wants Tucker arrested for being an agent of a hostile foreign power. You can’t make this stuff up.

Jonah Goldberg claims Ukraine would not be under U.S. military control if it joined NATO.

Apparently has no idea how NATO’s command structure works.

DailyBeast columnist says my segment will be “all over Russian TV.”

This is… actually true. But Russian TV shows American stories about Russia whether the takes are positive or negative.

Being #NeverTrump now means anyone you disagree with is in league with Putin


Ex-GOPer thinks being against war with Russia means we want to make America like Russia.

Totally logical conclusion…!

Natsec lawyer claims the segment “dusted off Soviet talking points.”

CNN contributor doesn’t have a good enough burn about Putin, so she throws in vaccines.

“Ebola expert” offers her takes on foreign policy. Results make you question her medical judgment.

Reminder: The people who want to censor Tucker and me are the ones trying to make America MORE like Soviet Russia.

More “comrade” jokes from these people. The 1980s called, they want their humor back.

I’m sure this joke sounded better in your head.

Because it sure seems like everyone in this thread is on the same page…

Who’s controlling your teleprompter?

Wow, I missed the craziest part of this tweet:

  • Susan says:

    There is ZERO benefit for the US to engage Russia in a war for the very corrupted Ukraine! But these wars and these imaginary “enemies” must exist in the American people’s minds otherwise those who benefit from war can never carry out their atrocities worldwide!
    Think about it, North Korea, Ukraine, Entire Middle East, and now Afghanistan had to be made into enemies so that the Military Industrial Complex (those who make weapons) can continue to manufacture weapons making a killing financially and literally all under False narratives like Bush’s 9/11 narrative “we have to go fight terrorists on their own land lest they bring it here to America”! Meanwhile Clinton, Bush Sr, Jr., Obama and now Biden have all empowered the real enemies of the US, like China and real ISIS terrorists to enter the Country illegally and to perpetuate mayhem and terror on Americans! And if that is not bad enough, they are now moving to call ordinary citizens terrorists and painting terrorists as victims!

    • T. says:

      And you don’t think the U.S. isn’t corrupt. Where have you been. Why is it the dems can get away with breaking the law and the sons of the loser in the WH plus Pelousy and her son and most of the dem representatives and senate are corrupt. They have been in Wash. too long. Yes, it is a shame that ordinary citizens are painted as terrorist and painting the terrorists as victims. But we need to clean out our government; i.e, FBI, CIA, intel agencies from top to bottom. And as for Ukraine, they should have never listened to Pres. Clinton and talked Ukraine into giving up the most extensive nuclear weapons of all Europe with the so called Budapest Agreement of 1994 that the U.S. guaranteed them security assurances if they gave up the nuclear weapons up. So much for the U.S. keeping its promise.

  • Susan says:

    would DEMS start a war with Russia in order to deflect from Biden’s utter failures and disparagement and genocide of the American people? you bet ya!
    If they can unleash a virus and a deadly jab unto the American people, what aren’t they capable of at this point?
    And when a Country is at war, there is very little change in Government officials, so a war with Russia will maintain the DEMS power in Government or at least that is what they are hoping for!

    I hope that Putin who is far saner than our own politicians could read through all this BS and not get drawn into a war with the US! that is not what the American people want and that is not what the Russian people want! America needs to disconnect from the UN and we need to disconnect from W.H.O. and we need a complete purge and investigations of all Government agencies!

  • southersgolfer says:

    Author and political commentator Michael Brendan Dougherty writes, “Defining Ukraine’s sovereignty and integrity as a core security interest of the United States, akin to possession of Massachusetts, is a form of insanity.”
    So someone tell me what this means. Is this guy insane?

  • Bob Schoenle says:

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