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Watch: Biden Stumbles on Air Force One Stairs Again

President Joe Biden had another less than graceful walk up the Air Force One air stair ramp Wednesday.

Biden, 79, appeared to momentarily lose his balance as he walked up to the presidential plane at Andrews Airforce Base en route to Illinois, footage shows.

Despite the brief blip, the commander and chief boarded the plane without incident, holding the rail with his right hand as he ascended.

Biden was in Illinois to visit a farm where he blamed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for increased global food prices. He also hosted a Chicago fundraiser and met with union supporters.

The president had previously slipped and fallen while boarding the plane in separate incidents that raised the eyebrows of some who have questioned if the septuagenarian president is in good health.

In November, doctors found him “fit for duty,” but noted his “gait is perceptibly stiffer and less fluid” than it was in 2020, and said “significant spinal arthritis” was partially to blame.


  • Tara garris says:

    Obama had the apology tour. Biden has the blame everybody else tour. I could walk better than him after drinking two bottles of bourbon

  • Ruger1 says:

    What An Embarrassment!!!! Why Don’t They just Install the Chair Lift on AF1!!!! They Probably just Don’t Want to Clean the Diaper Stains Off of It!!!!
    #FJB and #FDCP (Demoncratic Communist Party).

  • Glenn Lego says:

    My grand daughter was old enough to vote last year and she voted for this bumblebee. I wonder what she thinks of him now ?

  • Loooch says:

    wow… look at him trying to walk. Completely un-natural… he’s thinking (worried) about every step. The other officer is having a hard time just trying to keep instep with him. Amazing he can still make it up those stairs…. just a matter of time now.

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