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‘We Are Literally Experimenting on Children’: Bill Maher Takes on Dangers of the Trans Movement

Bill Maher took on the trans movement this week on his far left HBO show. That was brave.

For several weeks now Bill Maher is sounding more like an average Republican voter and less and less like the radical lunatics running the country, Hollywood and social media.

Bill Maher argued against transitioning children.

Via BizPac Review.

During Friday’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher” the HBO host took an at-length look at many of the knowns and unknowns surrounding the trans movement that, he expressed, has come to prominence more out of a youthful rebelliousness than any serious conviction. As such, the fact that adults are validating kids going through a phase should be a concern to everyone.

“The answer can’t always be that anyone from a marginalized community is automatically right; trump card, mic drop, end of discussion. Because we’re literally experimenting on children,” Maher contended

“Someone needs to say it – not everything’s about you. And it’s okay to ask questions about something that’s very new and involves children,” he noted since the ACLU had declared the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade was being said to have more of a negative impact on LGBTQ people than women.

Maher pointed out the negative impact that puberty blockers have on the development of children and how gender-affirming surgeries are serious procedures being pushed on an age demographic that goes through all kinds of phases.

  • solange Silverman says:

    This horror may be new to the public but certainly not to those pushing it. They have been inverting, well, everything, for thousands of years. It is part of their dark cult practice. Now, they are bringing it out into the open in an attempt to normalize it. Notice how so much of what they do comes down to harming our children? As Bill Maher has pointed out, if transgenderism is “natural,” then, why is it localized?

    • Lady Goodness says:

      Good talking points. I’ve seen a book that is in a drawing like book that shows a female in a picture touching herself to masturbate and a male touching himself insinuating masturbating. This was for little children. I’m pretty positive it was told by outraged parents that they didn’t want this material for their kids.

  • Rosebud says:

    Any school employee and PARENTS who approves of this should be severely punished!!!
    This is the ultimate child abuse! Kids have no idea what gender even is. Especially, that
    they would want to alter it.

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