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Tucker: Anyone Who Questions Biden’s Economic Policy is Called a Racist

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  • Dan Harms says:

    I just finished watching your editorial and really enjoyed what you were saying it’s also a good expose of the political con game and how they are playing it. When you understand their con game and how they use it to hide the crimes they want to commit against all of us then it becomes just too damned obvious for words. It’s been said that these people are stupid, naive, crazy, and other slams against them and that is all partially true but there is another truth underlying those comments and insights and that is they aren’t those things. They aren’t doing this because they do not understand the consequences of their actions that’s part of the con game to make it look like something stupid or crazy. When we are thinking like that, we are missing what is going on and that this is all DELIBERATE they know exactly what they are doing and why. They KNOW that this will create hardship, pain, and suffering because that’s what they are in politics to do they are SADISTS. Not in the whips and chains explanation but in the sense that they want to create pain, conflict, violence and will go so far as to even create wars. That is why they work so hard to control our thoughts and our lives so that they can pull our strings and have us dance to their tune of destruction, pain and violence. Everything you see them doing with creating inflation, to limiting gas and oil exploration, to the Green New Deal are all designed to fail and to cause pain and suffering. They then turn around and make it sound like it’s someone else’s fault and that their work is not the problem they are working to solve these problems but there are these others who are sabotaging their work. Like blaming mothers for being greedy and hoarding baby formula, they blame business for inflation and on and on it goes to cover up the crimes they are committing against us. They are all busy laughing at all of those people who believe they lies they are telling them because they know what they are doing is destructive. But they have these loyal followers who are no different than cult followers who believe that the Democrats are Gods, and they can do no wrong. They are always committing crimes against us as we have seen in Venezuela and always blaming others for things going wrong and always making themselves look like either victims of these other people or heroes who are trying to save the country. The con game works and a lot of innocent, honest and good people get sucked into the whole game and when that happens they have total control over their thoughts and their lives and they destroy everyone who believes in them. Biden and the radicals in both political parties and in the national news media are the most dangerous criminals in America and in the world. We have to see this and see past all the smoke and mirrors of the political con game to see the truth they are constantly hiding from us so we can free ourselves from this hellish peer pressure they have created to control us. The thing is it’s so damned subtle and it’s so pervasive that we all grow up in it thinking it’s normal and it’s the farthest thing from normal and shows like yours are doing a good job of fighting back. We need this not only in America but in the world as a whole these radicals have been in charge of the world for too damned long and it has to come to an end. We can not allow this to continue because it is always a dead end for human beings and we need to break out of it and your certainly doing your share to bring that about.

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