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Tucker Carlson: China is Wondering How America Could Be This Stupid and Destructive

  • Dan Harms says:

    I agree with a lot of what you say but I also have profound disagreement with a lot of what you say too for instance your idea that we shouldn’t support Ukraine because we have no interests or share any ideas with them. So by not supporting Ukraine you intend to support Russina and it’s invasion of Ukraine? If you support that invasion because Ukraine doesn’t mean anything to you then where do you put your foot down and tell Russia they can’t invade independent countries? How many countries can Russia invade, dominate and control before you say enough is enough? As I said before Russia has amassed troops over the Baltic states if Ukraine doesn’t bother you then I’m assuming the Baltic states don’t mean anything to you either is that correct? I think there is Belarus there and Holland, Poland, Germany and France as well where is the line you draw before you step in and stop the Russians? You say that those who want American involvement are advocates of getting America into a war and that could be very well true especially the way they are going about it. The actions they are talking taking militarily aren’t going to prevent the war and are of no significance to Putin sending an aircraft carrier and some support ships and a few thousand troops isn’t going to deter Putin. So I agree with you that they are encouraging Putin to invade but how are you not advocating a way? You mean it’s okay if Ukraine and Russia go to war to hell with Ukraine and the people there killed by Putin’s arrogance and greed that’s their tough luck just keep America out of it? If this happens Putin will only push the boundries of invasion again and take over even more countries which would mean more wars which you don’t care about because it isn’t in America’s interest. So when does it become America’s interest? Because what your advocating is increasing wars over the next few years and this is your idea of peace? Subjecating people to Russian/Putin rule with no choices, no freedom, no rights to be independent? To my of seeing things it’s you who are advocating wars that will eventually include America there is no question in my mind that this will escalate if it isn’t stopped now. We can stop it by allowing NATO into Ukraine for “military exercises” with a military presence that is greater then the Russian presence which will deter Putin and PREVENT war not create one. As those who are advoacting support for Ukraine are doing by making their support minor and symbolic and a criminal/bully like Putin will laugh at and run over that kind of support in a day’s worth of violence.
    I get your point about keeping America out of the war and one way is to abstain but if America does that then it shows America as being selfish and indifferent to human suffering around the world. To turn a cold shoulder to Ukraine and the people there is to support aggression and tyranny of criminals like Putin which will only make matters worse. Abstaining isn’t the answer to a better world when it comes to the world’s bullies/tyrants who live to create war and violence. The other option is to PREVENT war by having such a strong military presence in Ukraine that it is not worth Putin’s effort to try and invade the country. There is no strong American or NATO presence in the country and there needs to be to PREVENT the war that Putin and Biden want. As I said before to get NATO to work with Ukraine and send NATO troops and troops from any other country including America to the country for “military exercises” with a presence of 150-200,000 troops and equipment or more will stop any idea Putin has of invading the war. There will be very little bloodshed from this action it will maintain a STRONG peace and allow the world to go on naturally. We can reassure Putin that we are not interested in invading Russia and will not invade Russian we have no interest in invading Russia but only wish to live in peace and mutual respect with the country and to increase trade and diplomacy with the country to make both countries stronger. We can’t do that if either one of us starts a war. Putin being the paranoid radical freak that he is is unlikely to believe what is said but he just might change his mind when he sees that there are no attempts of NATO to invade Russia and all they are doing is the military exercises they said they were doing. It’s highly unlikely that that would happend but it’s a possibility.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    Joe the Eternal Comedy show for the globe
    Hes Xis puppet

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