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Tucker Carlson: Janet Yellen’s Reckless, Loose Money Policies Caused Inflation

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    One bullet in less than one second – DONE!

    • Vanessa says:

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  • Dan Harms says:

    I enjoyed watching your editorial it certainly exposed a lot of what the political con game is all about what you’re seeing is the smoke and mirrors tool that radicals use to hide the crimes they are committing. They are constantly pushing our irrational emotions buttons to distract us from what they are doing if they can instill outrage, fear, hate, false hope or a false understanding of the problems they are creating then that’s what they do. They have been doing this sort of thing through all of man kinds history. It also shows all of us how they thing they can control the image of reality and convince us the lies they are telling us about their actions are the real truth. They do this in a number of ways they first act like they have some sort of authority over what they are saying when they really have no authority at all. Once you understand this part of the con game they are playing and you see they have no authority at all you then see them looking more like a parent talking to us as if we were their children. Which is how they see us as being stupid, dangerous, violent children that have to be controlled by them so that we can all have a good life. You’ll see this sort of argument pop up once in a while in the radical news media and radical politicians who will claim that people “want” strong gov’t to keep the peace and prosperity for the people. In other words people WANT to be controlled by politicians as if we were all children. There is some truth in that in that there are those people who are so insecure about themselves and this life that they feel they can’t handle it or that they refuse the responsibility that is in their hands to conduct their own life and want someone else to control their life for them so they can be “free” of that responsibility. The other half of this issue is that the radical news media and the radical politicians are busy constantly of convincing us that we are these stupid, dangerous, violent children and if we want a good life we have to be blindly obedient to them. That’s the way every criminal works which is convince themselves the crimes they are committing aren’t crimes at all and they are obedient to the will of the people. A “WILL” they instilled in people by lying to them about who and what they are. The other aspect that we are seeing here is this omnipotent intelligence that all radicals think they have and so they try to impress on us just how smart they are. They do that to hopefully intimidate us into thinking that they are real experts in these issues because you don’t understand what they are saying. As you pointed out what Yellen was talking about was nonsense that’s the big part of the political con game is to make it APPEAR they really know what they are talking about. It causes confusion in people who don’t understand the con game and it also leaves them thinking these people are really smarter then they are. The same thing happened to me and it took me a helluva long time to work through the confusion game they use I was trying to make sense out of nonsense only I didn’t realize it. Even when I did I wasn’t entirely certain about what I was thinking it took me even longer to see that I was believing in the truth and that was the conflict between me and the lies they were trying to convince me are true. Yellen isn’t that stupid the things she says along with what all radicals are saying are incredibly stupid things to say but ONLY if you know the truth behind the stupid lies they are telling us. If you don’t know that then you get sucked in just as I did and she and all radicals know they can fool enough people to get them voted into office where they will continue to support and protect the lies they are perpetuating all the time. That’s where they are smart is they know how to push our emotional and intellectual buttons and put us on a puppets string so they can use and abuse us. They sit there laughing at all the fools who believe the lies they are telling us which only proves to their sick egos just how smart they are because they fooled all these people into voting for them. They must be Gods that they can do this and people like Yellen are the most dangerous criminals in America once you understand the con game she’s running and the end results of that con game. History is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt about how these radicals can gain control over people’s lives to the point people do not question what they are being told and they blindly follow their “leaders”. It always ends in disaster for the people in the country who do not take control of their lives into their own hands but put it in the hands of radicals who always…ALWAYS…abuse them to sickening and repulsive degrees that has made our history as bloody as it is. Good show keep up the good work.

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