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Tucker Carlson: We’re Moving Closer to War with Russia

  • southersgolfer says:

    The last thing we need right now is to go to war. Why do the Dems like starting wars? This should instill fear in every American. Why are we sending all this money and weapons to theis country?
    Could Biden be defending his and his crack head son’s business dealings with them? Ukraine wants us to fight on their behalf. This is insane.

    • Susan Lemay says:

      We have obligations to protect them through agreements initiated by and with the United Nations as peace keepers…correct me if I am wrong.

  • Stephen Russell says:

    WW3 coming

  • Dan Harms says:

    I’ve been watching your comments over Ukraine and feel that you are missing a point in a lot of ways and are not taking into consideration the broader implications of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. First off I don’t know a lot about Ukraine politically from what little I understand it was a dictatorship until a few years ago when it has become a democracy supposedly. Russia is a democracy too but a corrupt and immoral democracy with a criminal like Putin running things. Whether or not that includes the Ukraine I am not sure but there has been NO information about the country that I have seen so I’m not sure what the political situation is there. At this point it’s beside the point allowing Russia to invade an independent country is an immoral position to take especially when that country is not a threat to Russia. Allowing Russia to do that with no effort to stop them will only encourage a bully like Putin to do even more invasions of other countriesthat we really don’t care about the country and those people and their freedom so what else do we not care about.?A few years ago Russia made lots of moves towards the Baltic states are we going to sacrifice the Baltic states as well? If we sacrifice those countries what others will we sacrifice? Ukraine borders Poland and Poland borders France do we not care about that? When do we get to a point where we care about the freedom and right of any country that is free to be an independent country that can not be invaded by another simply because the other country wants to?
    Your contempt for the people in Ukraine is noted but you are not distinguishing the people from a corrupt and immoral gov’t as I’ve said I don’t know how corrupt and immoral the Ukraine gov’t is but if it is you surely don’t blame the citizens who are being exploited by corrupt and immoral politicians that’s the view of radical politicians who make it a major part of their platform to blame the innocent for the crimes the radical politicians are committing. You never mention anything about PREVENTING the war your whole editorial at this point is to go ahead and let it happen because we owe Ukraine nothing. I find that really inhumane that you don’t care about the pain, suffering and death that Russian military will bring to so many people your indifference to that kind of corrupt, criminal violence is something that is dangerous to all of us. There is an alternative to all this that you have never mentioned and I’m guessing you never mentioned it because you have never heard or thought of it? So I want to suggest a way that will protect the Ukraine and PREVENT the war from happening and the greater wars that will surely follow with the Baltic states, Poland and quite possible France as well.
    What I suggest is that NATO ask Ukraine if they can conduct military training in Ukraine that would be approved quickly I’m sure by Ukraine. Once that approval is acknowledged then NATO should move in 150-200,000 troops and equipment across the border from the Russian troops. There they will use military training exercises just like the Russians and this will go a long ways to protecting the border and PREVENTING a war in Ukraine and quite likely even more wars in the future created by Putin. The reasoning has to do with understanding the makeup of Putin who is like all dictators/criminals in politics they are, esentially, cowards and bullies. Bullies and criminals like Putin are all about taking unfair advantage of people they want to victimize what Putin is doing is “testing” Ukraine and NATO to see what they will do if he were to move troops near the Ukraine border. Especially if there are enough troops to invade the country if there is a fast and massive responsive to the move then he would back down but if there is no response which we see has happened apparently. Then it emboldens him and he will go further one of the things that the military does in situations like this is to find the weak areas in the defense of the border. To do that they do “minor incursions” which are simple scouting missions by squads of the military to find the strengths and weaknesses so they know where to concentrate their forces to invade. It’s also a matter of testing to see what kind of response they get from the forces across the border do they fight back? Are they aggressive and pursuing the squad back across the border or do they do nothing? Do they run away? It’s been said, and I don’t know how true this is, that Hitler told his invading army that if even one Frenchmen shot back at the invading force they were to turn around and come home. That doesn’t sound like Hitler and when you have thousands of your military falling onto a border crossing with maybe a dozen people there to protect it I hardly thing that would be any kind of order Hitler would make. But this is what Putin will do because it’s been done all throughout history.
    Creating a NATO force that is GREATER then the forces of Russia with personell that are equally or better trained and equipped then the Russians is going to make their “invasion” too costly for words. Russia will lose far more then it will gain if it gains anything at all and being a practicle coward that he is he won’t invade. He may increase the troops there to 250-300,000 to take badk the advantage but then NATO can also increase it’s presence to take the advantage back. It’s brinksmanship for sure but knowing the kind of thinking a coward/bully Putin is will go a long ways to preventing war. I know I haven’t mentioned the Ukraines in this but I take it for granted that they will contribute everything they can to the effort and actively start recruiting more men for the military and buying more equipment to supply them. There are obligations all around on this thing in order to prevent war. The old adage that the best way to preserve peace is to prepare for war which means you have a strong military that will PROTECT the country from any invasion and will make any country with such thoughts think twice before attempting any such invasion. Even if an invasion were attemted it would be swiftly defeated and nothing would be gained and there would be more losses on the enemies side then the side of the country being invaded and we could go back to living in peace.
    I wanted to add a comment (a long one unfortunately) because I felt the issues I bring up here were issues that no one has risen and I felt they were important enough to send these comments to you. I hope this will give you a different perspective of the situation and see that preventing war is far more important in the long run then letting one happen because you have no interest in the country being invaded. I hope you found this interesting and will give you some more information in which to take a wider view and see a better alternative. Peace comes with a price and the price is to be ever vigilante of those who bring violence and war to us the more violence and wars they can create the more they will create and destroy peace forever if we do not stand up for peace.

    • Crash says:

      Dan, I could be more on board if it wasn’t for the fact that our southern border is as wide open as it can possibly be! We should be more concerned about protecting our own sovereignty and citizens, than those half of the world away. I for one don’t want to lose any of my children to this backhanded excuse to protect Brandon’s cash cow. Aren’t we on shaky enough ground as it is?

    • southersgolfer says:

      Dan, you make some good points here. I do not want to sound cold against Ukraine but we have our own problems here which seem to get ignored when things like this happen abroad. We pay more attention to everyone else while ignoring ourselves. The other thing is China. Should they get involved, that would be a disaster. Can we afford to go to war? At this point with our economy teetering like it is I am not sure. Supposedly Biden sent $200 million to Ukraine. Again, we could use that to help our economy. My point here is we should fix things in our own back yard before moving to defend other countries. It is getting bad out there. Yes Putin is a bully. Everything you said about him is accurate. I am not the least bit confident about the Biden administration handling things. I think Putin is testing him and that makes me uncomfortable. Thank you for your post.

    • FJB says:

      You make the same argument they made for Vietnam. You try the same tactics by comparing Putin to Hitler as our government did with Sadam and every other leader they dislike or couldn’t control. America is tired of the lies, the weapons of mass destruction that were never there, how democracy would fall if some small country wouldn’t do as Washington said they should. Washington’s right to dominate the world ends at our borders. We the people must take responsibility for our corrupt leaders and stop the endless wars that we pay for with our dollars and children’s lives. A war in Ukraine would go the same way as Vietnam but there would be no winners. Once one side gets tired of play softball hell would break lose. Must we destroy the world before we learn to keep our nose out of other peoples fights?

  • southersgolfer says:

    News flash. Biden apparently has sent $200 million to Ukraine.

  • Susan Lemay says:

    Unless we intend to add Ukraine to our list of States, giving them equal status with Connecticut; voting rights, aid access to medical care and welfare, we should not send another American soldier to Ukraine.

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