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Tucker: Karine Jean-Pierre is Furious at America, Despite Her Ample Privilege

  • Dan Harms. says:

    Good one I just finished watching your video and enjoyed it there is no question that Biden will find even worse criminals than himself to run the gov’t. After all, since when would a criminal hire an honest and ethical human being to be part of a criminal organization or work for a corrupt and immoral gov’t? Of course, not Biden isn’t about to hire anyone who has different moral values from his own which are deeply corrupt and immoral he is about as sick as the most depraved criminals you can imagine. What makes it so much worse is that this criminal can attack a whole nation of people to steal, rape, and murder the freedom and rights of all law-abiding, rational, ethical people. What criminal, as a politician, wouldn’t do that? And what person would a crooked politician hire to help them run the gov’t other than another criminal with the same crooked moral values? None would it’s too bad there wasn’t some sort of intervention clause in the Constitution that would allow Congress to charge a politician with the crimes they are committing against the country. There is the 25th amendment I believe it is that has to do with mental competence and that would apply the unfortunate thing is Biden, as all radicals are, has been mentally incompetent all his life because of his radical beliefs that gov’t is the countries, God. That kind of screwball, wannabe tyrant attitude sure as hell can’t be allowed in any political office and of course, Biden has been using the political con game all along to hide that fact which we are only now beginning to understand. I also wanted to comment on the constant barrage of charges of racism against everyone they don’t like. There are different aspects to this as well and the first is, what I have mentioned before, about creating false enemies by creating false images of people you want to control. The bottom line, always, with this sort of thing is to teach us to hate and fear these people based solely on the lies they are telling us about how sick and terrible these people are. When the really terrible people are the radicals lying about these innocent (?) people at least innocent of the lies they are being accused of. It will not only set voters and people in general against this person it will also intimidate anyone else who wants to or is already in the political system from speaking out against them. When they are too afraid to point out the lies and violence against innocent people it just proves to them the power the lie has over people and only encourages more of the same. It will, over time, escalate to such a point that it will also create the kind of violence in America that we have been seeing over the last 5 some odd years. The other aspect of this game of race-baiting is to create feelings of shame and guilt in people about themselves and about country this is a very big part of the political con game. When people are filled with feelings of shame and guilt that the radicals have created it makes it much easier to control them because they do not want to speak out against those who are making false accusations against them. You want to conform so that they don’t think badly of them which never works because the pure, unadulterated hatred radicals have for all of us is never softened by appeasement. If anything, it hardens against us because they see us as weak and helpless which only enrages them more. The radicals see the need most people have for approval so instead of helping people find that approval not so much from other people but an approval from within themselves they do the exact opposite. Instead of helping us find our self-confidence and self-esteem they do the opposite and try and instill self-hatred, shame, guilt, and fear, which makes us that much easier to control when we have virtually no self-esteem. That’s why they keep repeating the thing all the time is to plant the idea in society so that it will take root and people will eventually come around to their point of view. Back to the old adage that a lie told often enough becomes the truth. It’s also part and parcel of peer pressure not to bring the best out of human beings but to bring out the worse which they have been doing to mankind throughout our history and are still doing it to us as your editorial exposes. It’s a very involved game and there are lots of parts to it because gaining control over people’s thoughts and lives and putting our lives in the hands of radicals is a complicated and difficult job. It takes years and decades to crush the humanity out of a nation’s people and turn them into cult-like slaves to gov’t who will do anything for gov’t even going to war. The radicals turn us into unthinking, unquestioning, drones that they program to satisfy their sadistic, cruel and depraved lifestyle. When you see this, and more and more Americans are beginning to see this, you’ll also see how widespread it is and how it has crippled mankind’s progress to a better world. So shows like yours exposing this sort of thing is vital to stopping the radicals from making any more progress and freeing the American people and the world from the death grip the radical politicians have on all of us.

  • Crash says:

    She is so quick to label everyone and everything as racist, while coming off as THE MOST RACIST OF THEM ALL! Good lord where do they find these people!?

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