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Tucker: Modern Liberals Hate Christianity, Not Because It’s Repressive, But Because They Are

  • Stephen Russell says:

    ALL Leftists are Repressive its in thier genes

  • Dan Harms says:

    Good one I have to agree with a lot of what you’re saying what we are seeing is the radicals coming out from hiding and exposing who they really are and what they really believe in. What they really believe in is hate and violence for, as we can all plainly see, they are constantly talking and promoting it. Over and over we see radical politicians promoting hate and violence and the radical news media supporting their right to use violence to get what they want, like any 2-year-old adult sadist. This is how they control reality in their own minds not the actual reality, of course, no one can do that we can learn from reality and adjust our lives to live in harmony with reality but we can not have absolute control over it. The radicals know they can control reality by controlling the image of reality by creating a false image with the words and phrases that will instill fear, hate, paranoia, dread, and all the other irrational emotions all of us have. You can see the hysteria, fear, and hate in all the people protesting and these are the people the radicals control. They are “teaching” us to hate and we are listening and acting on the hate they teach us and when that happens it blocks out our ability to question them. We become so incensed with the hate they are teaching us that we can’t think of anything else especially when you realize our minds repeat things. When it gets into the irrational feedback loop of the mind repeating things it just compounds the fear and hate more and more as we repeat it more and more. The end result is the kind of violence we are seeing. What adds to this tragedy is how the radicals are making false enemies for us to hate you can see this with the Republicans and with Trump and now with the Catholics. You see the same thing all over the world Arab vs. Arab, Arab vs. Jew, you can see the wars in Europe is all about lying about the other country to make them look like they are a threat and so you have to attack them. It’s the same trick here of constantly and consistently telling lies about people to make them not only look bad but to make them look like a threat when there is no threat there. This is a very old game that goes back thousands of years I’m assuming a classic example is how Hitler turned the German people against the German Jews. There was no threat from the Jews they were as loyal to Germany as any other German and they even fought WWI as well. But with Hitler constantly “teaching” the German people to hate Jews and to see them as an enemy of the state and the world he was pushing all those irrational emotional buttons of the German people to generate the kind of unbelievably blind hatred of anyone Jewish or not German. It’s exactly the same game being played here in America as it is all over the world only now we are substituting Jews for Republicans and Catholics. So many Americans are falling for it because no one is pointing out the game and how it is being played and why. The difference here is that America was created and established that the freedom and rights of all rational people were sacred and could not be infringed or denied by gov’t. NO other country has ever done that not even now so it’s going to be that much harder for the radicals to take control of the American people because of the freedom established in the country. Where almost all the population are raised to understand and believe in their own freedom but they are working on it and working on it constantly as we can see. They are at a fever pitch of trying desperately to take control of the country and they are more and more failing and more and more angry at their own failures. It’s going to be a tough fight but with shows like yours standing up to the hate and violence preached by the radical left there’s a good chance they will fail completely at least I sure hope so.

  • American Citizen says:

    Tucker Carlson tells it like it is!

  • John Galt says:

    Hit the nail on the head. But if you read the historic writings of Marxists, they are clear about their hatred of Christianity – AND Judaism. The horrific torture Pastor Wurmbrand went through when Hungary fell to the Marxists… wow. The things he saw; the torture of Rabbis and Priests and Pastors… his own torture; the Marxists insistence that the prisoners give up their Faith in God and declare God dead.
    This is what is at the root of all this. Pure evil.

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