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Tucker: No Race Politics is Better Than Others – It’s All Poison

  • Dan Harms says:

    I just finished watching your editorial and was impressed with your comments and what you were saying there is a lot of truth in what you say and history can prove everything you are saying is true. This is an age old con game that politicians have been using against us all through human history Hitler is probably the most famous and most effective advocate of this kind of hate to violence con game that radicals play. There are distinct parallels to what Hitler did to the Jews and anyone who wasn’t German is the same tact that we see with the radical Democrat and the radical news media making Republicans and Trump responsible for all the troubles in America. Just as the Jews were responsible for all the troubles in Germany after WWI and before WWII as long as they keep repeating lies about Jews/Republicans or any group or individual without any counter arguments exposing the fallacy of such lies then it will succeed. This is the only game the radicals have to play and the only path they want to power so they have to dble down on it if they think they are losing power. So they have to use any incident/crime in the country to try and escalate the hate/fear for Republicans and Trump. They know they are in trouble with the voters so the only thing they can do is increase the peer pressure against their fake enemy the Republicans/Trump. Your point about listening to the voters and changing things to get their approval is true enough but what you are talking about is a RATIONAL human being. What we have are politicians who are IRRATIONAL and that irrationality is deeply set into their mindset and their own identity if they give up irrationality they give up power over themselves and over everyone else. If that happens they become nothing and they become irrelevant to the world a person with no value that is a fate worse then death to them so they will go to extremes in behavior to prevent that from happening. Thus we see how they are escalating the false accusations against innocent organizations and individuals because their thinking is so limited they have no choice. But they do have a choice everything in this world creates out of destruction and when their irrationality is destroyed what takes it’s place is the rational but they reject it because they believe it’s false and it’s weak. They do not realize that the positive power of the rational is mountains greater then the destructive power of the irrational which they embrace as if it were the holy grail. They live and breath to teach us hate and fear because it gives them control over us when they can instill a false hate and fear against people, organizations, individuals etc. that gives them control over us. They are constantly teaching us hate and fear all the time it’s been very subtle in the past but it’s becoming much more bold in the last few years and is getting out of control which is always the way when the irrational grows larger and larger as the years pass. We have to learn how they are “teaching” us this hate and fear and we have to learn to see past the lies that the hate and fear are based on and see the truth that the irrational hate and fear hides from us. Once we see that truth then we see that the hate and fear we had was false that there was nothing there to hate and fear because it was all based on a lie. When we see that not only in politics but in every aspect of our lives we transition from a person where the negative/irrational has power and influence over us to the positive/rational which will now have power and influence over us. When that happens then we become more fully human we grow in self-confidence and self-esteem that changes us entirely into a new person we have never seen before. We are no longer a mix of the irrational and the rational with it’s confusions, doubts, fears, hates, and insecurities those feelings are vanquished for the most part because they no longer dominate our thinking. Instead our thinking and our emotions are now clear to us and we understand where the doubts and fears come from and we can control it and vanquish it from our lives. It is something that radical leaders never want us to find for ourselves because if we did then they would no longer be able to control our thoughts and our lives and they can never tolerate that in the least. Your show is a good step in the direction towards the rational and to help people find the truth behind the lies of the radicals in politics and in the news media and that will make a huge difference in most people’s lives given time.

  • southersgolfer says:

    So it stated in the article that this person was committed to a mental institution for threarening to murder his classmates. So how is it that he was allowed to be released? As a result, nothing being done. Violence is escalating in this country and it seems that we are not trying to control it for fear of some kind of retribution. So what will this take? Are we to arm ourselves with 6 guns like in the old west to put a stop to this madness? We have a war right in our own back yard and yet again it is being ignored by our so called leaders. Pathetic is what it is. I guess we have learned nothing from the history of others.

  • Syble L.Christensen says:

    is this have anything to do with all the criminals that President Biden Has brought into our country Crossing our Border And Giving them all the money that he has passed out Democrats have Sponsered People who Rob and burn down Stores Remember Harris gave them money to get out of Jail and Return to doing the work of burning a Stealing From cities last fall And told Democrats to get The criminals out of Jail Fast and back to disrupting buisness ‘in cities

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