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Tucker: Our Leaders Believe Protecting Ukraine is More Important Than Protecting You

  • MAGA says:

    They are protecting themselves. They are doing things in the Ukraine that they do not want us to know about. That’s why they so scared to death of President Trump. Scared he is going to find out about them and expose them. He will take their hands out of the cookie jar.

  • Dan Harms says:

    Just finished watching most of your editorial and enjoyed what you had to say and it’s a good point that you bring up about the inconsistencies of the radicals in Congress. They won’t defend America’s borders but they will Ukraine’s which seemed to be the main theme here but there is a consistency here that explains the inconsistency that you see. You’ll notice that in both cases what they are SUPPORTING are the criminals in Ukraine and those crossing the border. They are also using the war in Ukraine to spend money wastefully which is always what radical politicians do and they do it without anyone noticing. They do this over and over and most of the news media ignores it (other than shows like yours) because it will encourage even more waste and is a way they have of degrading and taking control over the country a bit at a time. I certainly support the idea of supporting Ukraine not to support the politics of the country but to use Ukraine as a cushion to prevent the possible invasion of Poland by Russia in the future. I get your point about what a bad idea it is to support a corrupt and immoral country like Ukraine and under normal circumstances, I would support what you say. But the bigger issue, in this case, is Putin’s desire, supposedly, to recreate the old Soviet Union and his actions over the years seem to verify that idea. As the old adage goes the enemy of my enemy is my friend and, in this case, the enemy of Russia is Ukraine and Russia (that is Putin and those who support him) is America’s enemy. It was the same during WWII when America supported the dictatorship of the Soviet Union against the dictatorship of Hitler. So, I don’t have a serious problem supporting Ukraine no matter how distasteful that is to me. But as your editorial points out the gross mismanagement is really a crime against the American people in squandering money on Ukraine that belongs to the American people. Again, when you get the radical/criminal in office this is what they do they are overwhelmed by the amount of money the federal gov’t has and can’t wait to get in there and spend it supporting other radical/criminals around the world including Ukraine and the criminals crossing the border. This is a consistent action that radicals are always using to hide their crimes as you pointed out how Pelosi DOES NOT support protecting the American border because it would prevent criminals from entering the country. But does support protecting the border of a corrupt and immoral country like Ukraine in both instances we can see how she uses “logic and reason” to make it sound like it is a moral thing to do. When, if you look past her rhetoric and look at what she does and not just what she says then you’ll see the crime she is trying to cover up. They do this all the damned time with just about everything and anything that is in politics and it’s what undermines the country’s prosperity and freedom which is why they are doing it. When you look at how the radicals spend money in any and all gov’t programs you will see this grotesque waste of money by the radicals. They do it to empower gov’t and to weaken the voters by putting a tax burden on them that limits their ability to prosper and to increase prosperity. The bloated gov’t spending is so grossly out of whack with the needs that this is a crime against all of us and the situation with spending money in Ukraine is only a tiny drop in an ocean of corrupt financial work by the radicals. When your show exposes even a tiny bit of how bad the gov’t is being run it’s a step in the right direction to empower voters with the knowledge of those radical politicians and how they are abusing and destroying our lives a bit at a time. Good one.

    • Bill says:

      Seems to be something big and bad happen between Bidens and who ever they made deals with must been something went very badly as they made a deal they took for granted as if stolen it from them then cover their tracks by having all to watch at the war instead of them also what’s more is a danger will grow from Biden s brother made deals building million homes in irag had been done so far nothing happen from that but will it later is the question.

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