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Tucker: The Democratic Party Has Decided They Will Change the Electorate

  • Stephenrusell says:

    Rerun 2020 again forever

  • Cavalryman says:

    The democrats “great replacement theory ” is simple. With Black and Hispanic voters moving to the Republican party, use abortion to kill mostly black and Hispanic babies of citizens and replace them with non-citizens in hopes that they will gain more votes down the road. DISCUSTING.

  • Dan Harms says:

    I watched this the other day and wrote out a comment and tried to send it but it failed my wifi was down and I’ve been having problems with this problem for a month or two now. Hopefully this will go through I have changed a bunch of drivers and that may have been the problem I have no way of knowing but I hope so. A good editorial and a lot of good points being made I like seeing how you showed that the replacement theory was created and promoted by the radical liberals. Seeing them on video explaining how this is going to work was not only instructive but funny at the kind of dense thinking that radicals are all about and then what’s really funny, is they think they are smarter then the rest of us. Your comments about being radicalized on the internet are “sort of” wrong and sort of right that kind of thing has been going on as soon as the internet got going. But it’s been going on long before the internet radicals are always looking for ways to recruit people into their causes of hate and violence and they usually pick neighborhoods that are poor. It’s true what you say that they did not force him to commit these crimes, but they certainly made it look normal and fanned his feelings of hate and despair. He was looking for answers to stop what he feared, and they told him killing as many people is the way. They do have a roll but it’s certainly not a good one you also mentioned about what we have to do about it but you didn’t go into much detail and I wanted to expand on that a bit. Part of the answer is education and to inform people of this kind of behavior and what to look for so that something can be done to either change the attitude of the person involved. If that’s possible, or to have the person examined to determine whether or not he should be isolated from society. Part of doing this is we have to be very careful about this and laws have to be passed that insure that there are cross checks to make sure that the person involved is a danger to society and needs to be isolated. I say that because there are many people who will have the same symptoms of a dangerous person but are no real danger to themselves or anyone else. What I’m getting at is that there are those who are thrilled with the macabre in the world and find it interesting and exciting seeing all the blood and gore. They’ll fantasize about it and do the usual of getting photos, paintings, drawings and writings about the subject but are in way a danger to anyone else. It becomes an internal thing that does not lead to external violence. They can and they do lead an ordinary life in every other respect other then this fascination with the macabre. The “system” has to be aware of this sort of thing as we all do so that we can make proper judgements about the difference between the guilty and the innocent. One of the differences is that the guilty are usually into doing crimes of a sick nature and the innocent never commit any crimes at all so that is a huge difference that has to be understood between one who is a danger to us all and another that LOOKS like a danger but really isn’t. End Part 1.

  • Dan Harms says:

    Part 2. I also wanted to comment on how the politicians are treating this as well and this is typical of how radicals work is to take events like this and try and instill as much fear and hatred in all of us as they can. The sadistic nature of radicals is showing here as you listen to the constant stream of hate and fear they use to make themselves look good and to create doubts and insecurities in voters. They want us to fear our fellow Americans especially gun owners and also as well guns that anyone with a gun is a threat to them. They are feeding the irrational side of everyone’s mind and using our thoughts and our emotions against us and against all people. You can see how they make this look like a huge problem when while it is hugely and sickeningly tragic it isn’t as big a problem as it appears. But it is getting worse and the reason it is getting worse is we have radical liberals who are supporting, protecting, and promoting criminal behavior as the norm. They work it from both angles where they physically work to support violent criminals by not charging them or releasing them early to commit more crimes. Things that most people do not see and the other side is the emotional side where they are telling us how the country is falling apart (mainly because of their actions) and the fault is guns and gun owners. Or people who drive cars, or the Republicans, or Trump, or the radical right. They are trying to overwhelm us with the enemies of the country and they are going to protect us all because they are the good guys when they are the ones all along who are destroying the country. We see this with Biden and all the radical Democrats, Republicans, and news media types they are all on the same page they all understand the game of undermining our morale so that we lose ourselves in despair, confusion, hate, fear, etc. It’s a despicable game and we have to learn the game as well as they do so that they can never treat us like this again and they can never get into political office. It won’t stop you can see how cheaply they view us by the way they discuss replacement theory where they see immigrants coming from poorer countries as being stupid and easily manipulated. That is their stock and trade is to constantly play to our ignorance on subjects of people because they know it is far easier to convince a stupid person that a lie is true than it is with a smart person. If you want to know why they are dumbing down schools, this is why it isn’t just immigrants that they see this way it is all of us. That’s the peer pressure they use to get us to conform to their bigoted and hateful ideals that they live and breath while it shows you their contempt for immigrants and the rest of us it also shows you how dumb they themselves are. Because they are trapped in their own irrational thinking it limits their perspective and their attention ONLY to what they believe is true. They do not ever question what they believe is true, they can’t it would undermine the con game, so this unilateral thinking that they do limits their ability to see mistakes they make. Even when they do see a mistake they ignore it because they don’t know how to deal with it and so when they stereotype immigrants (and the rest of us) they never see their/our ability to question what they are telling us. They are so convinced they can control our thoughts with their lies that the concept that we might actually see that they aren’t the least bit sincere for one and for another are actually working against them instead of for them. As you pointed out that’s what happening in all colored races that the Democrats have been lying to them all along and they haven’t lifted a finger to help any colored community. If you want help then you have to help yourself relying on a radical politician to “help” you is going to set you further back then if you figure it out for yourself and with the help of friends and family. That idea is starting to slowly spread and as more and more of the crimes the radical politicians are creating get more and more out in the open with the public the more people will see the truth that the radicals are trying to hide. Your show is a good step in the direction of constantly exposing the lies of the radical politicians and we need a helluva lot more of it because they have been doing this for decades and is deeply entrenched in society. So it’s going to take a lot of digging and replanting to displace the radical philosophy of hate and fear and replace it with the philosophy of love and truth. Keep up the good work we sure as hell need it.

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