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Tucker: This is the Position of the Passive-Aggressive Party

  • Dan Harms says:

    Loved the editorial I like the way you turned the attack from Biden back on himself I don’t know if that will take with the radicals who support him or not but it was good to see. This deeply sick irrationality of Biden and all those who support him is astonishing to see I don’t think we have ever seen this sort of thing before. But then we haven’t had as many radicals in politics as we see now they have always been here but they have been subdued I would guess they were not getting the financial support in the past that they are getting now. It would be a good thing to be able to take Soros and those like him who are supporting these crimes out of the picture and cut the funding source off for the radicals. We can’t do that as long as the radicals hold the majority in Congress but that can change too. What you and all the rest of us are seeing is the kind of anarchy that radicals love they sit there in their penthouse pulling the strings of these people to do their bidding and laughing at them at the same time because they fell for the political con game hook line and sinker. This is what makes them think they are Gods that they can control us by lying to us and taking the lies to the furthest immoral extremes of human beings. The sickness and perversity of these people is so deep I doubt that any psychological attempt to change them would fail miserably. The depths of depravity they will go to is unbelievable and we have to stop them and prevent them from ever getting into a position of any kind of power in society. They are just too damned dangerous to allow them to be walking around free and allowing them to succeed in anything because once they do they corrupt and destroy what they are working at and they do it every time. As a society we have to learn to recognize who these people are and what they represent and isolate them from society so they can not express their destructive nature. Shows like yours are an important step in that direction and we need a helluva lot more so that everyone can see how they work to control and manipulate us to do their bidding. A bidding that is the devil’s own bidding and destroys everything in it’s wake.

  • R. Young says:

    Unbelievable, that anyone can support the Corrupt Government of the United States. I understand party politics but this is now a pure Tyrannical Government which our Founding Fathers warned us about.

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