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Tucker: Why is Everyone so Mad at Justice Alito?

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  • Dan Harms says:

    Good video I enjoyed your comments and the expose of the radical left’s overreaction to this situation, and they are doing this to create, as they always do, irrational hate, fear, and paranoia. And paranoia not in the sense of someone is out to get you but a paranoia in the sense that people can’t be trusted. They are doing all this not because of a feeling that a terrible immorality is occurring here but because it is a loss of power for the radical politicians and their radical buddies in the news media. This decision is, as you have stated, empowering the American people and any time gov’t empowers people it weakens gov’t power to control those people. All of a sudden, the American voter now has the power to decide the legality or illegality of abortion WITHOUT the gov’t controlling what they decide. For a radical politician, this is death on the horizon if we get to make such drastic decisions without the controlling power and influence of the radical politicians then we could make a mistake and radical politicians want to prevent us from making any mistakes at all. All the hysteria has NOTHING to do with the draft comments it has everything to do to make a good thing look like it’s bad and that they are the ONLY ones who know what is good or bad. These people are too sick for words and the more hysterical they become the more you can see the political con game they are playing being revealed. That is…IF…you understand the political con game and as you have shown there are too many people who believe the lies the radicals are telling them and look to violence as being the only solution when there is absolutely no need for it at all. But to radicals, they have to lie to promote this violence because that’s what they do they WANT TO pull people’s strings to provoke them to this level of violence. That kind of sick control over people’s lives and their thoughts is what makes this world far worse than it has to be. These are not the voices of reason but of the unreasonable and irrational and are the voices promoting hatred, fear, and paranoia to the point of creating and advocating an irrational violence to be used against innocent people. That is the true reason behind all the hysteria is to promote this kind of senseless and irrational violence and they have been doing this to us all through history. This is the hidden underlying reason that this is happening this is the political con game in its barefaced exposition of who and what they are. We don’t see it because virtually none of us are aware of it and the power and influence it has over us and we desperately need to understand what they are doing to us. This, fundamentally, why there is so much discord, hate, and violence in the world is because these radicals and their political con game are using it against us and always have. What you’re doing here is crucial to exposing this scam and to let Americans know how they are being manipulated and controlled by criminals who have nothing but contempt and hate for us. We sure as hell need more of this kind of exposure and I hope you can keep it up.

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